For the first time, the extensive works of Rita De Muynck have been collected
in a single volume. Treading among the tensions of self-induced trance,
emotional reality and free colour, her subjects are people, creatures
and  landscape, their relationship to one another and vulnerability. Time
again the artist sets out on a journey of internal struggle to connect the
senses and paints her profound experiences. In her daily day and night
drawings, she documents images from her dreams and experimental
visualisations.  Therebesides objects and installations emerge, often not
without humour,  as a reflection of the present. Born in Gent/Belgium
Rita De Muynck presently lives in Munich and has a studio in the foothills
of the Alps. Her work and performances have been shown, among other
places, in Munich, Budapest and Paris.  


Andrea C. Theil (ed.) with contributions by Christa Sütterlin, Andrea C. Theil, Rüdiger Ullrich  & Thomas Zacharias.

Text: German/English


190 pages, 153 illustrations in colour
24 × 28 cm, soft cover
ISBN: 978-3-7774-2182-7


woensdag, februari 18, 2015