RITA MARIE DE MUYNCK is a Flemish artist (born in Ghent, Belgium).
Lives and works in Munich and Schlehdorf am Kochelsee, Germany.


Study of psychology at the University of Ghent.  Doctorate in psychology and philosophy.  Research in experimental psychology and behavioural sciences at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry and Neurobiology, Munich.  Numerous publications.  Teaching at various universities in Germany and abroad.


Graduate study in painting and art history at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich (LMU). 
Lectureship in the Enlargement of Perception, Creativity, Trance Techniques and their Translation into Pictoral and Musical Design at the LMU and the Academy of Arts, Munich.  In particular controlled studies on Learned Synaesthesia.


Numerous exhibitions and performances, in Germany and abroad. 2014 Retrospective, Municipal Museums, Überlingen and 2014-15 "Hommage À Gabriele Münter", Womens's Museum, Bonn.


Interdisciplinary and conceptual major projects, such as 1998 "KlangNetze" with "Trance-Action" in collaboration with contemporary composers, GALERIE DER KÜNSTLER, Munich; 2000 "Sound of Colours", Performance at the International Congress of Hypnosis. 2001 Interdisciplinary project "La Gourmandise" ("Greed"), Théâtre La Guillotine, Montreuil, Paris with painting performance; 2003 interdisciplinary project "Start to be" with painting performance at iCamp, Munich; 2003 "Synaesthetic Experience 1 and 2, Music Lab of the University of Music and Theatre, Munich; 2010, "Earwormstrangler" (Calamus Auditorius/Var. Platformiensis/Fam. Convuvulacae) and 2011 "Is the Future Past?_Cyborg" at the Platform. Contemporary Art Rooms, City of Munich.  


Acquisitions by public and private collections.


Scholarships and grants

Promotion by Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Munich; Catalog promotion by Siemens Kulturstiftung, Munich.

Promotion of projects by the Cultural Council of the State Capital Munich

2004 and 2005 scholarship Artist in Residency and Exhibition in: "Maison des Artistes" (House of Artists) in St.-Mathieu-des-Tréviez, Montpellier, France.

1986 Recognition with Exhibition "Prijs Schilderkunst 1986", Ghent, Belgium


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