Recent Works


Works from the years 2018 - 2013 to Antidote; Selfie; The failure of paternalistic ideals; to Utopian Landscapes,

to the "Longing for Redemption"; Dona Nobis Pacem; Masks; the Universe and the project: Il y a Trois Jours (Three days ago) at the exhibition RITA DE MUYNCK AND THE ARCHAÏC. Municipal Gallery, Überlingen, Germany, 2014
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Paintings on Under the Skin _ Raw Flesh, Requiem. Sculptures and Installations on Communication: Strangling Ear Trumpet (see projects) and on Liberation: Swaddled Infants, Unwrapped.


Paintings, sculptures, works on paper on Utopian Landscapes (Mountains) and Maheone' Honehe. This cycle is called after a wolf spirit among the Cheyenne : The red wolf Maheone ' Honehe is a totemic unity and refers to a shamanic background. It is a much honored connector between heaven and earth.

But the wolf in his dazzling cast in our Western tradition, as in the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, which is likely to have shamanic roots, is treated here too.


Paintings, sculptures, works on paper on Requiem, Creatures, Fragmentation, Me as well as on the Project La Gourmandise (Greed)  in Paris (see also Projects). 


Paintings on Human being and Creature, Utopian Landscapes, Children Altar