Start to be


The director Manfred Killer had seen the live painting in “La Gourmandise” at the theatre of “La Guillotine” in Montreuil, Paris. After the performance he talked to De Muynck and invited her to work on a joint project at his theatre in Munich, the iCamp (Neues Theater München).


The piece “Start to be” featured a mobile gallows. Two plexiglass panes were suspended from the boom leaving just enough space for a person to sit between them. The person (sometimes a man, sometimes a woman) was naked. During the performance, the artist painted on each of the two panes.


The performance investigates the idea that creativity enables you to throw off your mental chains. The inner life of the person entrapped between the panes was “freed” by the painted colours.



De Muynck continued work with the painted plexiglass panes, eventually transforming them into her “Körper-Körper” (BodiesBodies) works.